I’ve been very quiet for a while now. Sorry for that! But I’ve had a lot to thing about the last 1,5 week, and the result of that is not wanting to update.

What happened was that I had an argument with my friend, and because of the fight I had a breakdown. This breakdown made me call my doctor asking for an emergency appointment. And I got one wednesday last week (two days after I called). I was inside talking with my doctor for about an hour or so, telling him about my problems, showing him my cuts, and telling him about my feelings, and all this made him decide to write a letter of recomandation to a mental institution, and send it the same day. So now I’m wondering about how long I have to wait for some feedback after this recomandation.  The answer from the institution will most likely be an appointment for a meeting with one of the people there, and then discussing ways of treatment. Either its going to be admition for 24/7 treatment, or just meetings with a psychologist. Im hoping for the first kind of treatment.

So that means that the people closest to me now knows whats going on. The only person I didnt tell yet is my father, and telling him is what makes me the most nervous. So I’m going to write it all down, and make him read it. Hopefully I will do that tonight. He gets home between 22 and 23 o’clock from work, and then its about time to tell him and let him know. I have to be the person telling him, so he wont hear it from anyone else than me.  It can hurt him even more if anyone else tell him, than if he get the news directly from me.

Wish me luck!