Bad mood

Really, I cant seem to understand shizzle when it comes to whats going on in my apartment today. There’s a horrible and funky mood here today, and it feels like I just want to run away. Or cry. Maybe both.

Today’s dinner was bad, actually it felt more like silent torture. Both of us tried to burn a hole in the wall with our eyes, and probably we were hoping for the same thing. That out awfully silent meal would reach to an end, and fast! I tried to break the awkward silence twice, with no luck what so ever. I dont know what her problem is, in five minutes her mood changes from good, to horrible. I really wish that I had a car, so I could just take it and run away for the night. But if I am going to run away right now, I have to change both tires on my bike. But I dont have energy for it, and I dont know how, so for now I just have to stay at home..

Damn.. Is this how its supposed to be this last week before we go on a holiday? I really hope that its just a real bad case of PMS.. If not; then its gonna be a looooong holiday..



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