From breakdown, to break-through

So much have happened this last period when I’ve been unavailable to write anything at the blog. But the resaults of those actions turned out to be more for the good rather than the bad.

I contacted my doctor, and asked for help to get healthy. I wanted to have professional help, and I realized that to get rid of my problems, I need help to deal with it all.  And actually I’ve havent cut myself in 1,5 month, and Im pleased about it. I’ve struggled with the urge to cut my skin almost all the time. But now I’ve been good and focused. Not easy at all, but I’ve managed it.  Also I’ve started to take medicine against my depressions, but the only thing I notice is that I get super-angry, super fast. So thats one sideaffect I’m not particurlarly happy about. I’ve also started seeing a therapist once a week, and allready I’ve been there 3 times these last 3 weeks.

There is progress. Im tired, Im struggling, but I am going to survive!

EDIT : Sorry for this horrible translation you had to read at first, but I was drugged with pain-killers and medicine for my depressions, so my brain took a hike ;) And I feel ashamed that someone actually had to read this article before I read it in a normal state of mind ;D


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