Emotional rollercoaster

I know it’s tabu, that its not “accepted” in the norwegian society to find love in another country. A lot of prejudice and opinions that tells you that you are stupid, naiv and making a mistake. I allready have a past with finding love in another country. I was in a relationship, and later engaged to a turkish man from August 2011 to May 2012. And also from July 2012 to September 2012 I was in a relationship with another turkish guy. But now I’ve been single since September last year. I lost little bit faith in love after that last relationship, and I was thinking that no man could ever love me. That I was just someone to use for fun or something like that. I thought I found true love with both of them, even if I was unhappy in both relationships. Understand it if you can..!

But now, I find myself falling for yet a turkish man. This time, its a “grown” man. He is 27 years old, and we are at the same place in life. My ex-boyfriends were 22 and 25, and immature as hell. But what makes me feel safer about this guy’s feelings for me, is the fact that he had to fight for me. And he did, without complaining about it. I was interesten in another man, and we had something going on between us. But even if I had this other guy, I still talked a lot with Alex (fake name) every night. He told me about his feelings for me. That he still regret the fact that he didnt take a chance when he had the opportunity the first time we met. He told me that he fell for my eyes, my smile, my temper and the fact that I’m not afraid to speak out if something is bugging me. But when I told him about the guy I was “going out with”, he pulled away. And he still regret it after all these months.

After endless conversations with Alex the last months, and the honesty between us, I now find myself being in love with him. I’ve stopped talking with my ex-flirt, because he doesnt seem serious at all. Alex, on the other hand sends me texts throughout the day, and we talk with eachother several hours every day and night. I’ve been honest with him, and I’ve told him that I am falling for him, but that also made it hard for me to know what to do about this other guy. And he understood me, but knowing this made him fight for me. He fought to make me forget about this other man, and that I just wanted to be with one person; him. And a couple of weeks ago, I had a breakthrough.

I was talking with Peter (fake name for the other guy). And the butterflies I previously had for him, was gone. They had disappeared from my heart and body. But when I talked with Alex, the butterflies came back. The feelings, heart beating faster at the sight of seeing him on cam. The non-stop smiling and laughter. Everything felt right. And I knew that Alex is the one that I want. And now its us. The love-messages is sweeter than caramels dipped in sugar, and I am longing for the moment I can be with him again. Spending time with him, and feeling his arm oround me, the feeling of being just the two of us. I am in love with this amazing guy, and I love how we communicate with eachother, and how much we communicate. And the fact that we can be honest with eachother all the time.

But someone will probably react about the way we’ve found eachother. Through internet, serious conversations, loveydovey texts and laughter. Without spending so much time with eachother “in real life”. But this is how I feel. I am in love with Alex, and I have feelings beyond this world for him. Right now there’s just want thing I want to do. Jump on a plane, and go to him, and never go back to Norway again. Just be him and me, the two of us against the rest of the world. Even if I am struggling with my depressions, I dont think about the pain on my inside as long as I talk with him. But the minute he goes to work, and cant come back online until 3-4 in the morning when he quit his shift, I feel lonely and abandoned. I get worried, and everything feels painful and bad again. So the last few days, when he had the opportunity to not work as much, but talk with me online instead, well.. I’ve been lucky to have great days instead of awful. These days was actually good enough to keep me away from the razorblades and the self-harming.

I am a depressed, anxietyfilled self-harmer that suddenly have fallen in love in the middle of it all.

Hello emotional rollercoaster?:P

Jeg er en deprimert, angstfylt selvskader som har blitt forelsket oppi det hele. Heisann følelsesladd karusell?:p


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