Being sick and stuff..

Todays plan for survival was really simple enough, but still some things seems impossible to do..

1. Wake up (check)

2. Stay awake (check)

3. SmokeRøyk (check x 2)

4. Make a bowl with oatmeal (check)

5. Shower (check)

6. Put on some make up, and feel kind of alive.  (check, but I still feel apathetic)

7. Clean the refrigerator

8. Vacuum the apartment

9. Wash some clothes

10. Breathe with my stomach when things feel difficult to handle.

I feel that I’ve managed to do something on my list of things to do for today. But the last few points seems prohibitive. I just want to stay here, in my bed, in my bedroom. With the lights off and my laptop in front of me.  But I have duties. Even though nobody expects me to clean the refrigerator, or clothes, or vacuum. But I know that my roomie expects me to have done something while she was at work all day.

Expectations, duties and demands etc.. They actually suck..


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